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Imperial provides innovative products to serve the real needs of professional users.

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PORTFOLIO for bond investors

Platform for individual bond investors to find the latest news, compare and make own analysis on Uridashi bonds. You can register your bond portfolio to perform quick risk analysis and follow-up on the payment schedule. This service is in Japanese only.


If you are interested in any positions, please direct your application of inquiries from the contact form.

Imperial Market Data

Imperial Market Data is the only product in Japan providing clients with full structural data of Uridashi and Samurai bonds, compiled with professional in-depth market risk analysis. Our client base includes global investment banks, domestic securities, issuers, and lawyers. This service is provided in both English and Japanese.

The development of information technology with increased processing power has had a huge and profound impact on the financial industry.

Although the subject of criticism, the development of financial engineering techniques using derivatives has fundamentally changed the complexity of the banking business, providing banks and institutional investors with a strong tool to manage risks and to create alternative risk exposures. For retail banking, online banking and online settlement have become common, making the settlement process far more efficient for both clients and for banks.

Our company came into existence because we believe we can explore further the synergy between financial engineering and network technology separate to the interests of a particular bank in order to create new value for a wide range of investors. We'll do this through:


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